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About the role

This specialised post involves using spatial databases and geographical information systems (GIS) to estimate environmental exposures, with a focus on environmental noise. The models and data on noise levels will be used to undertake outdoor residential exposure assessment and provide data on noise level exposures to planned epidemiological studies.

You will be based in the Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability (CEHS). CEHS is a new enterprise within the University of Leicester with the overarching aim to improve human health and the health of the environment through cutting edge multidisciplinary research. Noise is one of the primary research themes within CEHS.

You will use your GIS, database, and programming skills to apply ‘in-house’ scripts of the UK (Calculation of Road Traffic Noise; CRTN) and European-wide (Common Noise Assessment Methods in Europe; CNOSSOS-EU) road traffic noise models and integrate and analyse data on rail and aircraft noise provided by external partners. You will also be involved in model evaluation studies making statistical comparisons between noise level measurements and estimated noise levels from models. This element extends to analysing the relationship of measured noise levels with measured ultra-fine particles (UFP) from a current study at Gatwick airport. You will be responsible for maintaining large datasets and assisting or leading the production of scientific and technical reports.

The funding for this post relates to four externally funded project: 1) MRC-funded ANCO - long-term cardiovascular impacts of aircraft noise near major airports in the UK, 2) NIHR-funded RISTANCO - effects of the day-to-day variability in flight paths related to Heathrow airport on hospital admissions and deaths from cardiovascular disease, 3) MRC-funded METAHIT – UK-wide effects of transport interventions on residential exposure to road traffic noise, and 4) MRC-funded CLUE – the relationship of cognitive development and noise exposure for children living in London.

You will report to Professor John Gulliver who is lead investigator at the University of Leicester for noise modelling and exposure assessment.

About you

You will have a background in using GIS to analyse environmental and/or health data. You will also have experience of applying environmental models using scripting languages (e.g. R, Python, SQL), and analysing environmental data using statistical software (e.g. R, STATA, SPSS).

Additional information

Leicester is a leading University committed to international excellence, world-changing research and high quality, inspirational teaching. You will develop your career in a supportive and collaborative academic environment in one of the world’s leading research-intensive universities; elite in the excellence of our research, yet distinctive for the genuine synergy between our research and teaching.

In return for your hard work, we offer a working environment that is committed to inclusivity, through promoting equality and valuing diversity. We offer a competitive salary package with excellent pension scheme, a generous annual leave allowance and an online portal that offers a range of lifestyle benefits and discounts. Located close to Leicester city centre, our award winning campus benefits from a wide range of cafes, a fully equipped sports centre and nursery facilities. Further information regarding our extensive range of staff benefits is available here.
Internal secondments or a job share would be considered for this post. Please give details in your application. If you are interested in the role as a secondment please discuss with your current line manager in the first instance. 

Informal enquiries and welcome and should be made to Professor John Gulliver on jg435@leicester.ac.uk.